Saturday, October 18, 2014

Alex's Big Race

We headed down to Des Moines this weekend for the IMT Des Moines Half-Marathon.  The big event was on Sunday, but Alex signed up for her OWN run on Saturday morning.  The Kids Run was slated for 9am, so, of course, we got there at 8am to make sure we were in the right place at the right time. 

This instance of being chronically early, however, DID pay off.  We managed to nab a much-coveted photo with Spike (The Drake University Bulldog) and walk down to the race with him!

Alex waited patiently for her heat to begin.  We had discussed race strategy beforehand, and I told her to not shoot out of the gate like a cannon, even if the other kids did.  She was to pace herself and finish strong!.....This was when I thought she was running a full mile.  Little did I know that the race was only 1/4 mile long!  She paced herself beautifully, however, and was a little surprised and disappointed when all of a sudden it was over.

She was cheered on by her adoring fan base.
And earned a quite hefty bronze medal!

And a HUGE hug from a very proud Daddy! 

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