Friday, September 19, 2014


Grams and Gramps had ANOTHER surprise up their sleeves for the kids.  Every year, we've been able to join them in Ft. Lauderdale at their beautiful rental.  This year, however, they're doing something completely different!  They gave Alex and Justin a puzzle so they could try and figure it out.

 Here are the clues:
 Alex was a bit thrown off.  She saw Mickey and thought "Disney World", but then the rest of the photos were clearly (in her mind) NOT Disney World.  There was a bit of confusion until Grams and Gramps showed the kids a short youtube video.
That's the smile when she started to figure it out!  We're staying (as a big family group) in the exclusive Sweet Escape home (click on the link to see the video too!).  It's wild, crazy, over-the-top and will be a blast.  Oh yeah.....and Mickey?  We get to go to DISNEY WORLD too!!  I have some kids who suddenly are trying to earn all the stars they can so they have lots of spending money for January!

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