Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Science Class- The Mighty Oak

What better place to talk about oak trees than Carpenter Nature Center?  We skipped our normal morning walk and loaded up everyone in the minivan to do some hiking and exploring in the ravine.  Kolachi had a wonderful time exploring smells and the soft, easily dug dirt of the ravine floor.  The kids found toads, tree frogs, slugs and lots and lots of acorns. 

Alex sketched an oak tree and Justin kept finding 'beautiful leaves' that we'll try to press and save.
We gathered some freshly fallen acorns (like, FRESHLY, hitting us on the head fallen) and headed back home to start the long process of making acorn flour.  After doing a bit of internet research, we decided to float them (to pull the floaters) and freeze them to make shelling them a bit easier.  We're headed out of town in a day for a family vacation, but will continue the process when we get back!

Excited to see the process and results.  If nothing else, it will be a good skill to have in case of lean times ;-).  Acorn pancakes would be delicious!!

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