Monday, September 1, 2014

Rose Ceremony

In Waldorf school, the transition from the Early Childhood years to First Grade is a very important time.  It marks an important developmental milestone as the child grows and becomes more of who they are meant to be.  We decided to hold a simple ceremony at home, so that Alex would feel some of the reverence and importance of this beginning of the First Grade year. 
We invited our family to attend, and I decorated the classroom (in secret) two days before.  I kept the door locked with a sign on it- "The classroom is CLOSED in preparation for the Rose Ceremony" to build some suspense.
She entered the room to find a bridge of rainbow leading from the main part of the classroom to the chalkboard area.  Daddy read a story about a little girl and her Mama walking hand in hand, and then encountering a new rainbow bridge that lead to a valley full of wonders.  The little girl was not afraid to cross it alone, because she knew her Mama would be on the other side, waiting for her.  Alex crossed the bridge (in a very hurried fashion, because she does NOT like being the center of attention) and received a First Grade gift and a rose.

Alex received a brand new backpack for her school things.
 We finished the ceremony with the first verse of the song-  "Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day", which seemed to fit for the whole Back to School theme.  Or it least it did at the moment.  I don't know....the entire thing is about the Passion and Resurrection, so there's some kind of violent imagery, but we only sang the first verse .  I think I still like the choice, and I love the tune....
 My First Grader!


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