Monday, September 29, 2014


Michaelmas- the Festival where we celebrate the Archangel Michael and his battle with the Dragon.  The battle serves as a symbol of our own daily struggles (large or small).  The fact that Michael always comes out a victor is a good reminder to us that we will always triumph if we have truth and light and right on our side! 
The children discovered a Michaelmas tableau as they enjoyed their breakfast.  Then it was out for our nature walk (which has lately morphed into a bike ride....) to search for and collect goldenrod to dye our Michaelmas capes. 

We found a huge bunch not far from the house, unfortunately most of it had just faded from the vibrant yellow it had been a few days ago. Luckily, though, we found just enough to fill our bike basket.  We enjoyed some early fall sights on the ride home.
 Kisses from Kolachi

Once we got home we prepared our goldenrod (stripping the yellow flowers off and throwing them into a pot of boiling water to steep).
 While our dye was boiling, I told the story of a country plagued by dragons and how the Archangel Michael defeated them by throwing stars and golden sunbeams down to earth, and we kneaded the story into our dough.

 We shaped it into a wonderful, fearsome dragon and put it aside to rise and bake.
 While it was rising, it was time to dye our silks.  I admit to not having actual 100% silks.....I found a wispy poly-blend at the fabric store last night (when I finally committed to a dyeing project).  It turned out well, but I'm sure would have been much more vibrant with real silk.
 As our silks soaked, we pulled out our dragon bread and nibbled on his tail and legs.  Each slice you eat gives you strength and courage to fight the 'dragons' in your own life.  Justin is a bit young for all this dragon metaphor talk, but Alex seems to understand it.  She talked about some of her biggest 'dragons' being talking in front of lots of people and being brave enough to touch snakes.
 Time for some more fortifying kisses from the dog.
 We rinsed our capes in cold water, dried them and fingerknit some ties to secure them.  For some reason, Justin was not excited about the cape.  I think pehaps the dragon talk could be too real, and he doesn't want to be challenged to actually battle a winged beast.  He just ate the bread and played with his knight peg doll.  Look at this yellow!  (We did add a few capsules of turmeric to get the color a bit deeper).
 Happy Michaelmas!

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