Thursday, September 18, 2014

Grams and Gramps Visit-- Happy Early Birthday, Alex!

Grams and Gramps made the trip up from Iowa to come do an early Birthday weekend with Alex (and, technically, me too....)  Alex was so excited to get her own microscope and slides.  We have to write this into our science lesson plans!  It will be really fun to see what things look like when they're magnified by 40 or 100 times!  She also received some beautiful knitting needles AND a rock tumbler to polish up all of the gems she finds in nature.  So fun!

(You may notice Kolachi's lovely accessory.  She's in season, and gets to wear her special pants if she wants to be out and about in the house with the family.  It's her second heat cycle, so this is the last one that we get to experience before she's spayed.)  

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