Saturday, September 13, 2014

Feeding the ducks and settling in...

On the way back from Chik-Wauk, we stopped at the Gunflint Lodge, which hopefully will be the next resort we stay at.  They are dog-friendly AND have lots and lots of interesting educational classes and programs to take.  I saw one called "edibles" that I know Alex and I would have enjoyed auditing!
They also have bins of corn and sunflowers for feeding the wild Alex fed her many web-footed friends whilst Justin grabbed his fishing pole and got a few good casts in.
After relaxing at home, we ended the night with Alex's specialty dessert-- banana boats made on the woodstove!  Mmmm...what a fantastic vacation it's been.  Can't believe it's time to leave the woodsmoke and chilly air to head back home tomorrow morning.

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