Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Two: Hungry Jack Lodge Pontoon ride

We checked in last night at the Moose Cabin at Hungry Jack Lodge.  It is pet-friendly, which was our biggest draw.  The cabin also has bunkbeds.  Bonus.
 The kids got up at 5:30am, so we went for an early morning stroll around the resort.  We found a little wading beach, and, even though they were in their winter hats and mittens, the kids decided to test the waterproof nature of their snow boots.

 Let's just say that Justin is not a good depth gauge.  He flooded his Bogs and they took a day to dry out next to our wood stove.

After a little morning snack, we rented a pontoon to cruise the lake.  We originally wanted to take a canoe out, but the kids' were a bit nervous about canoes.  Probably because they knew their dog would have a hard time staying still.  We'll try canoes next year, when the pup is a little more water-saavy.
 As it was, Kolachi did a great job on the boat.  I think she enjoyed the ride, and she looked rather cute in her puppy life jacket!

 We floated for a while to let Justin 'fish' (just his casting lure).  He has become quite the avid fisherman, requesting to do it all day, everyday.  We wish we had Papa Bob here.....
 Our beautiful view!

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