Friday, September 12, 2014

Day Two: Afternoon Tea at Naniboujou

While it wasn't in our original plans, we realized that we would be in the area for a much-recommended Afternoon Tea at Naniboujou Lodge, north of Grand Marais.  It's served in the solarium from 3-5, and I would heartily recommend it for anyone (with or without kids) who is in the area! 
 Because it's in the solarium, it is very relaxed and casual.  The kids stretched out on couches and flipped through books from the Naniboujou library while they waited.  This was perfect for Justin, who was not in the mood to sit any more!
 Tea was lovely-- a mix of savory and sweets.  Although it was not gluten-free, we let Alex have a "cheat day", which has been working well for us if it's just once in a while.
 We split two tea services between us, and got two extra cups for my little tea drinkers.  I think we went through at least two pots of herbal tea-- these guys love to pour and mix and drink!
 After tea, we rescued the pup from the vehicle and took everyone on a walk at Naniboujou beach.  I found handfuls of agates!  Kolachi practiced her dogwalk and Justin casted and casted and casted.

A great end to another nice day up North!

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