Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day One: Gooseberry Falls

Our next leg-stretching stop was Gooseberry Falls.  We've enjoyed it in summertime, and now there was definitely a fall crispness to the air.  The kids discovered a new friend in the parking lot, but we decided to leave him in his habitat because he'll probably not emerge from chrysalis until spring.  We have plenty of sleeping butterflies in our classroom already!

 Cold, cold, cold water!

 Justin has started to pull some really goofy faces for the camera.  Alex and Kolachi try to put up with it as best they can. 
 Speaking of Kolachi, this 15 month old puppy is developing into a fantastic young lady.  We encountered several other puppies and dogs today, and she was able to completely ignore all but one of them (who, in her defense, did have a very alert/aggressive posture).  She greeted strangers nicely for cursory pats, but always returned to my side quickly and appropriately.    It's so fun having her out and about with us!

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