Thursday, September 11, 2014

Day One: Duluth and North...

We left the house at about 7am this morning in order to get an early start.  The weather has suddenly turned cold, and while we certainly aren't complaining, it did take a bit of digging to find our fall-winter gear on such short notice.  I'm talking hats, mittens, down vests and 300 weight jackets!
After stopping at the Duluth Grill for breakfast, we headed to our favorite rock-scrambling beach.  The water was so high that our scrambling rocks were inaccessible!  We still had fun throwing stones and watching the waves crash against the shore.

 We also found some nice pieces of driftwood that will live in our classroom or playroom.  Dave's gotten to the point where he just smiles and shakes his head when either Alex or I add something to the floor of the van...
 The storm was threatening to start, but it held off until we were back in the car.

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