Friday, September 5, 2014

A Leafy Discovery

I dismissed the children for "recess" this morning, and they happily headed to the playroom.  I had taken one (maybe two) sips of tea when I head quite the commotion downstairs.  After some shouted questioning, I figured out that they had made a MASSIVE discovery right outside the basement window. 

So, in short order, I monkeyed myself down into the window well in order to capture a "curled leaf caterpillar".  Excitement ensued.  My tea went cold, but we think we figured out the species of caterpillar.  (Note:  for those of you keeping track, we STILL have three swallowtail chrysalis in our home.  I'm pretty sure they've gone dormant for the winter and we will meet those butterflies in the spring).

 Oh-- and that creepy-crawly feeling on your leg, after you've scaled down and back up the window well.  It's just a teeny tiny version of the fellow above.
 A Spring Azure?  Only time will tell!

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