Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome Home, Bunny Brothers!

So-- as you loyal blog readers have gathered, Alex has been rallying for a bunny.  Dave and I supported her in her quest by allowing her to learn about rabbits and start to save up her "bunny money".  We thought that maybe next spring a well-researched and pedigreed bunny would be in her future.  God had other plans.
 I 'liked' the local Sheep & Wool Festival on Facebook, and occasionally their feeds come across my main page.  Three days ago a lady posted that she had two Angora bucks in need of a good home.  It seemed like Providence, since that was the breed we'd settled on.  Dave and I talked about it and decided that we could be a family for these bunnies.

So today, without telling the kids anything, we loaded up the car and drove to Amery, Wisconsin (about an hour away).  Alex received a 'note' on the way that she read aloud to Justin to explain what our "Adventure Day" was all about.

"Dear Alex & Justin,
Today we are going to adopt two animal friends who need a new home.  They are six years old.  The girl who took care of them does not have time to feed, groom or play with them anymore.  Alex, when you asked us for a bunny, God heard you and sent these two brothers into our lives.
They are used to living outside, so they may need some time to adjust to being house bunnies.  It is very important that you both remain very calm and quiet while they are getting used to being part of our family.
They will be our whole family pets, but you will get to each pick a name from Mama's list and then make up a middle name on your own.  Alex will get to name the brown boy.  Justin will get to name the black boy.
We love you and know that you will help take care of our new friends.
Love, Mama and Daddy"

We arrived in Amery and were shown "Basil" and "Gandalf" (which was amazing, because "Basil" was one of Alex's picks for a name...and I had joked about naming them Bilbo and Gandalf only hours prior).  Their former owner let us take their crates with us, as we had no current hutch set up.
 We stopped at Fleet Farm on the way home and bought new hutches for the gentlemen.
They hung out in the garage while we assembled their shiny, new, clean homes.

 Then it was time to introduce our bunny bachelors to their new apartments.

 Basil (pronounced Baz-il) kept his first name, but, as is custom in our family, gained a middle moniker.  "Basil Hawthorne" is a very sweet boy.  He lives on the top floor.
 'Gandalf' became "Victor Cornelius" (Justin picked 'victor', if you can believe it!).  He is a bit more reserved, but was very calm when I held him for a bit this afternoon.  He let Justin pat him and also enjoyed a ukulele concert that the three year old put on.  His coat is soooo soft, it will be really fun to learn how to spin angora fiber!

They're a bit underweight, but we'll get some high calorie food coming their way soon (just not too steps with changes for bunnies!).  Hopefully I'll get to groom, de-matt and spot clean them soon as well.  Welcome home, gentlemen!

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