Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We have an Auntie Again! (and other news)

Guess who we found at home!!  AUNTIE RORIE IS BACK!!!  Annnnnnnd....she's engaged!  We're looking forward to welcoming another Uncle into our little family- Congrats, Chris and Rorie!

So-- we brought her to the zoo to hang out while Alex has Farm Camp. 
We picnicked (it is Lynxie's birthday, so we had a birthday picnic), and toured.  The red panda was wandering around his exhibit (the first time I've seen one move in my 33+ years!)
The Aveda Butterfly Garden was beautiful, too.  We've been seeing a lot of these little guys lately!
Justin even got to work on his photography skills.  See below photo for a sample of his work!

In other news, Alex is convinced that a bunny would be the perfect addition to our menagerie.  Dave and I haven't said "no", but she needs to a) come up with a plan that would allow said bunny to have a pleasant and German Shepherd  stress free life. I'm not sure that's possible.  b) research, plan and build a suitable hutch for said bunny. c) research veterinary costs as well as food and bedding costs.  and d) research a suitable bunny breed- she's thinking Angora so we can spin the fur into yarn-- which, admittedly, is pretty cool.  We're hoping that by the time she gets through those three steps, her enthusiasm will have waned.  But, if not, it could be on the table in a future spring/summer.

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