Sunday, August 31, 2014

Vetting the Bunnies...

We decided that since we are rabbit novices, we'd better have an expert take a look at them for us.  He confirmed that they are a bit underweight (we have a plan for that) and have a pretty gnarly case of wool mites (so they have some antibiotics, which should clear it up in a few weeks), and that they are both extremely sweet and good-tempered.  Basil got his bigger mats shaved and then he and Victor got the seal of approval from Dr. Cologgi. 
After talking to the vet today, though, I have plans in the works for a slightly bigger living space for our bunny brothers.  Until I can make that happen, though, we needed an immediate solution.  So Dave and I moved their hutches into the studio and I set to work making them a little indoor run that they can explore (under supervision until they are litter trained).  So far, we've only had one accident out of the hutch, so I think that's great progress!  (I lined the floor with a sheet, and covered it with "tiles" of thrift store rugs so I can easily wash sections).  We have a ramp, a "bunny agility jump", some boxes and tunnels and plenty of hay and grass to eat. 

 They have two supervised play times a day-- once in the morning when we clean their litter and once in the evening when we clean again.  It's not the perfect situation for bunnies who need lots of space, but once they are litter trained they can have a bit more free-range action.  I think they're doing AWESOME for some outdoor rabbits to are transitioning to life inside.

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