Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Soup Night

With the advent of the new school year quickly approaching, we had a family meeting the other night to determine our meal plan for the next few months.  With homeschooling and trying to keep an orderly house, I have no time or energy for anything involved, so everyone chose one favorite meal and we worked around that.  So-- without further delay, here it is:

Monday- salad night (I promised Dave meat would be an ingredient in the salad)
Tuesday- soup night and fresh bread (Tues is baking day)
Wednesday- spaghetti
Thursday- crock pot meal
Friday- meatloaf
Sunday- open

Today is Soup night, so the kids prepared dinner early this morning (I love slow cookers).
 Alex is getting quite adept with the knife.  I pretty much trust her not to chop her fingers off now...

 Justin was our 'veggie transfer truck', onion peeler and stock pourer.

Add salt, pepper and a few cloves of smashed garlic.  Simmer for 6 hours.  Add a cup of milk, puree or mash and enjoy!  Yummy corn chowder!
I think I'd like soup.....care to share?

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