Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our Weekly Rhythm/ Chore Chart

Every day of our week has a daily rhythm, which is captured in the classroom on a 'Daily Rhythm' chart.  Our weeks also have rhythm, which is why I decided to meld a chore chart and a weekly rhythm chart (and a meal planner) to meet our needs.
 Our kids are not currently getting an allowance, but they can earn 'stars' for chores that they do.  They each have two daily chores that they can do to earn 2 stars a day.  They can always ask for more work and earn above and beyond those quarters.   I mark them on the chart with a dry erase marker and on Sundays, Daddy is the 'bank'.  They get their 'payday money' and can keep their money in coin form, or 'change' it for paper dollars as they wish.
 It helps to have a goal to focus on.  Alex is currently trying to save enough money to finance a new family member.

 At the top of each day is a space for me to write in the daily family project of the day.  I left enough room to write in a meal plan, too (more for when the kids start planning the meals).

Monday - Laundry
Tuesday- Baking
Wednesday- Craft
Thursday- Housecleaning
Friday- Mending/Handwork
Saturday- Family Day
Sunday- Church Day (payday, too)

As you can see, the children are a bit hit-or-miss with their star-earning.  I choose not to fight about chores.  If the do them, they get a star.  If not, they miss the opportunity to earn money.  After our family vacations and travelling this summer, even Justin understands what it means to have dollars in his wallet when we hit a souvenir shop!

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