Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Office Reorganization / Redecoration!

My early-birthday-present came in the mail yesterday, and I was so excited about it that I spent the entire day purging, reorganizing and redecorating our office space! 
My new Cricut Explore now has a beautiful home in which to live :-)  This machine will not only help me prep cut paper goodies for the birthday parties that we all know I love planning for, but it can also cut vinyl (for making personalized ANYTHING- including t-shirts and glassware) and even fabric (hello, quilt appliques!) and balsa wood!  It's basically a plotter with a razor blade (but you can also use it with a pen attachment to draw OR a scoring stylus to score if you plan on making 3-D objects). 
 So....I replaced Dave's Leinenkugel Beer Mirror that I've graciously allowed in the main living space of every house we've occupied for the past 11 years of our marriage.  I'm not quite sure where it's new home is yet, but I'm throwing an eventual 'man cave' into the negotiations.
 Isn't that artwork stunning!  It's actually a piece of fabric that I bought in Gotenborg, Sweden this past summer.  Mom and I were in a department store that had an unbelievable fabric section.  I didn't know WHAT I'd use it for, but I bought a full panel, just in case.  Today I stretched it over two pieces of cardboard that were in our recycling pile and secured it with heavy duty duct tape.  A few 3M Command strips later, I have a custom wall hanging!
 Justin likes watching the Cricut cut.  We started in on some snowflakes for Alex's 7th birthday party: Theme:  Ice Castle Princess Party (who am I kidding.....we all know what she really wants the theme to be, but I'm kind of anti-Disney in my own home, so I can't admit that it's really a Frozen party quite yet)
 Because an office with a craft cutter needs a bit more table space, my card table has now taken up residence in here.  Restoration Hardware it is not...but it's practical!
 The kids' picnic table was relocated to the other side of the room, and (perhaps the most DRASTIC part of my remodeling), all they have left to play with is a bowl of crayons.  All the rubber stamps, crazy pom pom balls, 'invention box', tons of crayons and workbooks and papers of every size and shape have retired to the "sick toy bin" to keep kids entertained when they need it most.
 A bowl of crayons.  I can't tell you how great this feels!
 They still have access to high quality supplies, though-- they just get to share Mama's (with permission).  The mason glass jar racks that I removed from my former art studio (the room that became the classroom) found a perfect spot.
 Even the butterfly net has a new space that is (hopefully) dog and cat-proof. 
 Yay!  A new, uncluttered space always makes me feel awesome!

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