Saturday, August 23, 2014

Nature Hike- or "Attack of the Mosquitoes"

It's been so rainy/overcast/rainy/overcast lately that we've been inside a great deal.  While I've gotten a bunch of organizing and planning done, we haven't been in nature for a long time.  This morning I loaded the kids and pup up for a little hike on an unmarked trail fairly close to the house.  The trip started off splendidly-- everyone was super excited to be in the woods. Alex worked on some photography, Kolachi reveled in the smells and sounds of nature, and Justin ran full-steam ahead being "an explorer". 

 (Alex's photo)

And then.....about 20 minutes in the mosquitoes suddenly decided that they were immune to our bug spray.  We were bombarded on all sides.  The camera was stowed so I could swat mosquitos.  The panic and tears started (Alex), poor Kolachi was shaking her head and rubbing her muzzle/ears with her paws, Justin wanted to keep going, so we tried taking a side path that I assumed would lead us back to the parking lot.  I was wrong.  20 minutes LATER, we turned around to backtrack the whole way out.  Mama-guilt made me stop at Target, where each child got to pick out a pint of their favorite ice cream to bring home.  Next time we wear our bug shirts!  Now THAT was an Adventure Day!

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