Friday, August 22, 2014

Go, Go, Wojo!

My cousin Jay's football team was "in town" (Hopkins is technically in the Twin Cities, right?) for their first game of the season.  The kids had never gone to a football game, and Rorie and I hadn't been to any since our own high school years.  Because of their extraordinarily early bedtimes (and a game that didn't start till 7pm), we tried hard to get them to nap during the day, but it was not to be.
 We were able to get there an hour early so we could watch the Superior Spartans practice.  It was really fun to spot #74 on the field.  Crazy that our "littlest" cousin is now a powerful starting offensive lineman!
 The kids had fun watching Jay--  Justin had tons of questions about the game which I was unable to answer.  We really needed GranPapa with us to unlock the mystery of football.  The best part was that our #74 was on the field a LOT during the first quarter.....and he's an underclassman!
 Alex was very, very, very tired.  We made it till the end of the first quarter before we pulled the spectator plug and drove the hour back to Woodbury.  There were tears and drama AND an emergency potty stop (thanks, Rorie).  This is the stuff memories are made of.

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