Friday, August 8, 2014

Garden Cafe

It finally stopped raining!  We enjoyed some much-needed outdoor time today.  ALL of us (Kolachi most of all) were getting a bit stir-crazy!
The kids opened a 'garden cafe' and started decorating the place.  I don't think they actually got around to taking orders-- setting up the restaurant was so much more fun!
 GranMama's garden looks lovely in August!  Kolachi really enjoyed having a fenced yard to run in...
 ...and bury her bones in....sorry, Mom....
 Here's a little chef with a display of some of the scrumptious offerings of the Garden Café.  The only catch?  You have to be a dinosaur to eat here.

 GranPapa surprised our entrepreneurs with a 'mock ride' in his Mustang convertible (they didn't turn the car on).  They had fun pretending they were in a parade like all the people we saw last night!

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