Thursday, August 7, 2014

And on to the FAIR!

The weather was still a bit rainy, but we decided to brave the opening day of the Iowa State Fair.  We started off by doing the children's farm exhibit-- where they are 'farmers' and get to walk from station to station, learning about all kinds of crops and livestock.
 Justin even got to drive a little tractor to 'feed the cattle'

 After our tasks were done, we hopped on the Tractor-driven tram (Justin's favorite 'ride') and got a lay of the land.  It was a nice way to see the entire fairgrounds without getting too wet!
 We had to stop and see the butter cow, but the line inside the Varied Industries building was pretty long, so we appreciated it from a distance and headed upstairs to the honey booth. 
 After our appetizer of honey sticks, we found a great food stand-- fruit on a stick-
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on a stick (this was for Justin, as it was NOT Gluten Free :-( )
Justin got to sit in a fancy combine cab!
 Our last fair food was a hard-boiled egg on a stick.  The egg council was handing them out for free, so we all indulged a little :-)
 Then it was off to see some animals.
 We went to the Avenue of Breeds, where there are representatives from many, many different breeds and species.  This guy was having a good dream.
 One last ride on the tram for my little tractor guy and that wraps up our day at the Iowa State Fair!  Thanks, GranPapa and GranMama for a great time!

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