Saturday, August 9, 2014

Adventure Day Part Two- Iowa Style!

Apparently, this is the summer of the Train.  Justin and Alex have ridden on three separate train rides!  GranMama and GranPapa have been with us for two of the three visits!  At the risk of Justin thinking that EVERY WEEK will be train week, we went to the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad and rode a steam engine that traveled over a very tall trestle bridge.  This was the best ride of the summer, by far (J even said it was better than Thomas!)
Justin was awfully surprised when we pulled into the station.  Alex not so much.  She guessed waaay before we got there.  I believe the direct quote was "I don't really WANT to go on another train.  Maybe I can just stay in the gift shop."  Luckily, once we got seated, she changed her mind.

 This is one happy guy!
 The trestle bridge!

 We all enjoyed watching the engine detach and head to the 'back' of the train (on a parallel track) to pull us home again.
 This was a longer ride, and Alex squeezed in a cat-nap on the return trip!

What a truly adventurous Adventure Day!  Thanks so much, GranMama and GranPapa!!

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