Friday, August 1, 2014

Adventure Day: Part One-- Thomas the Tank Engine surprise!

It was a full-fledged "Adventure Day" today, and Mama managed to keep the destination a surprise!  I bought three tickets (in May) to spend a "Day Out With Thomas" at the Depot in Duluth.  We loaded up the car this morning, dropped Kolachi off at doggie daycare and started on a little day trip. 
They had no idea where we were going, or what we were doing, until we hit the parking lot at the Depot.  Alex recognized it as the train museum we'd visited last summer, and Justin had a sneak peek at Thomas the Tank Engine as it pulled into the station with another load of happy passengers.  He was very excited.  Alex was a great sport (I had assured her that the second part of Adventure Day was more for her). 
The set up was well done, we had wristbands that gave us admittance to a Thomas 'festival' of sorts-- live music, bouncy houses, foam, creative stations, etc.  There was a storyteller and there were also  oodles of train tables set up all over the museum.  Justin's dream come true!
I do have to note that it was pretty amusing that my kids were probably the only ones there who didn't know the actual theme song to Thomas-- the storyteller was pretty confused.  We just like Thomas for his books and toys!  He had a baseball cap from Grandma Mary, and was very proud to wear it to see Thomas himself!

 Thomas was a bit loud--  this was as close as Justin wanted to get to the engine himself!
 The ride was a very short one (20 min?), but we snagged some upper seats on a two-story passenger car.  How cool!!

 There's the conductor-- the train was all decked out in buntings and crepe paper for the exciting ride!  After about three hours at the festival, we were ready for some lunch, so we hit my FAVORITE restaurant in Duluth for some great local food- The Duluth Grill.  The kids LOVE the library they have.  Alex read an entire Magic Treehouse book in the time we were there!  Justin picked a very apropos selection.
 We finished off lunch with a slice of gluten-free pumpkin spice cake.  Yum!
 On the way back to the car, we were offered a free plant by one of the garden staff (this restaurant has its own gardens in the parking lot!), so Justin selected a gorgeous succulent for our classroom.

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