Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visiting Vera

Vera and her new Mama and Daddy came home from the hospital yesterday, and Papa Bob is also in town, so the kids and I made a trip to visit them.  I have to admit that that little 7 lb baby weight is just perfect for holding....but it's awfully nice to be the Auntie and get to hand her off to the next set of loving arms in the room, too!

 Uncle Sam is one tough dude.  Despite being up all night with a newborn, he was still game for playing outside with the nephew and niece.  Mama Carrie wisely napped and rested.  She's doing great, and has this Mama-thing nailed!
 Look at this bunch! 
 Perhaps my favorite part of the visit was when I snooped checked out Vera's closet.  I spied more than one of my 'little' Alex's dresses hanging in there-- I tried to get Al interested in the fact that she was once a baby, but it was all in vain.  They grow up so quickly!

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