Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ultimate Dinosaurs and Amateur Geologist

Another morning at the Museum.  Alex continued her sketching...
 (I just had to include this shot of her dress-- Mom and I found it at a thrift store in Gotenborg, Sweden!  I'm absolutely in love with it!)
 After we picked Justin up, we decided to splurge and get tickets to see the "Ultimate Dinosaur" traveling exhibit.  It was fairly expensive, even with our membership discounts, but I think worth it.  We got to see many skeletons that are very rare.  For example-- a cryolophasaurus (see the neat crest on his head?)
 Both kids agreed that even though the lights were a bit more 'dramatic', it wasn't scary (although Justin didn't really like the 'rawrs' that were being played as a background noise in some areas).  There WAS a lot of technology integrated into the exhibit- including life-size dinos walking around on wall-sized screens.  Intense, but really neat to see.
 These ipads acted like reverse x-rays.  You positioned them towards the skeletons and they showed you what the dinosaur "really" looked like.
 When we returned home, my budding scientist decided to use her experience of the shell collection and make her own rock collection to enter in the fair.  She spent all afternoon gathering her samples (from South Dakota and the North Shore) and we identified them.
 Some of her 'booty' from the panning-- lots of garnet and quartz!
 Dissolving the limestone from our quartz chunks with a vinegar bath.  It was pretty fun to watch the bubbles!

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