Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Results are In! (Washington County Fair Update)

The kids and I were at the Washington County Fair early this afternoon to check out our results.  The verdict:  A victory for team Marotz!
Justin:  First place for his pillowcase, Second place for his painted wooden dolphin , Fourth place for his watercolor painting, Fourth place for his mixed-media fern drawing, Fifth place for his acrylic painting!


 Alex won a RESERVE CHAMPION ribbon for the rock collection project she put together!
 She also won a first place for her soft handwork heart, a first place for her landscape photography, a first place for her watercolor painting, second place for her photography of Kolachi, second place for her acrylic painting, second place for her knitting, and a third place for a 'cartoon' painting.




As a reward for all their hard work, we took a pony ride!  Justin rode completely solo-- a first for him, I can't believe how big he is getting!
Ms. Jazzie the balloon lady was making some amazing creations!

....and even Mama got in on the ribbon action!

All in all, a very successful year for team Marotz! 

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