Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strawberry Fields

I was nervous that my big trip corresponded with strawberry season-- in Sweden and Norway, the berries were ripe-- I was sure I'd missed it in Minnesota.  Luckily, because of the great rains and late spring, we were still able to go out and enjoy ourselves this morning!  We headed to Afton Apple Orchard for our strawberry fix.

 It was a bit overcast and threatening rain, so we picked fast.  Alex was a very serious worker.
 I think this guy ate more than he picked.  I'll have to speak with someone in HR about his future here....
Perfectly ripe!  The fields smelled so delicious!

 Our bounty!
 All hulled and washed and ready for some big projects.  I've gotten many requests for strawberry fruit roll ups, so we'll do those first.  Then we'll freeze some for making 'fresh strawberry' sauce during the winter.  Can't forget some strawberry shortcake tonight...
 First things first-- some strawberries, sugar and cream to reward a hard morning's work.

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