Tuesday, July 8, 2014

South Dakota: Day Three- Mt. Rushmore, Kathmandu Bistro, Reptile Gardens

Mt. Rushmore did not allow dogs to go beyond the parking lot area, so Kolachi enjoyed the comfort of the air-conditioned minivan (that remote carstarter has been worth every penny!) whilst the rest of the family explored.  Justin was in no mood to smile at the camera- so I just rolled with it.  I really like the results, though...
 OK- I guess I'll face the camera...

 The kids managed to walk the entire Presidential trail, and enjoyed the view from many angles.  Alex really liked scrambling up this giant granite boulder at the end of the path.  While she was doing this, Dave and Justin were resting on a bench, where my son entertained passers-by with his observations and questions:  "Those guys- those faces- they're not bears."  "Are those guys dead?"  "How did they get IN there?"

A family shot at Mt. Rushmore.
 After visiting with Brad's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Purdy (thank you for your hospitality AND generous permission to play with your really cool kaleidoscope!), we drove through the cute little historic part of Rapid City lined with restaurants and shops.  Serendipity stuck, and there was an open parking spot right in front of.....
How could we resist?  I ran in and made sure that they would allow dogs on the patio (Kolachi had had a LOT of air-conditioned minivan-crate time already today).  When they agreed, we unloaded the kids, loaded up their plates at the Nepalese/Indian buffet, and tucked in! 
 I think she really liked getting bit of the curry green beans for being a good table mate.  Once Alex had plowed through two servings of Butter Chicken, and I had my taste for dal bhaat satisfied, we continued on our journey...

To Reptile Gardens.  This is yet another dog-friendly venue.  As you may have noticed in the last few blog entries, Kolachi has a special "Please Pet- Therapy Dog in Training" patch on her bandanna.  She sure got a LOT of practice today.  She was such a well-behaved girl that she even got to sit in on the alligator show.  We ended up sneaking out early because a GSD trying to catch flies is a little distracting when people behind you are trying to watch a show.  She was just attempting to keep busy.
 She got to go inside all the buildings, but we decided to call it a day after one or two-- she was doing marvelously, and we wanted to end on a high note.
 Before we left, however, Justin and Alex got to meet and greet with the giant tortosies.  This is Tank.  He is 58 years old and likes to be scratched under his chin!
 This is a new resident of Reptile Gardens.  His name escapes me at the moment, but he is 108 years old, and originally from Busch Gardens in Florida!  Hope the winters are treating you ok, buddy!

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