Saturday, July 12, 2014

South Dakota- Day 7 - 1880's town, on the way home

We decided to cut our trip short by one day.  I had originally planned on driving the entire 10-12 hours (depending on stops) back in one fell swoop, but my mother in her infinite wisdom, convinced me otherwise.  As it was, she rode in our van with us while GranPapa drove separately.  I cannot thank her enough for the additional support-- it takes quite a woman to crawl over a German Shephard in a dog crate and hold a bucket for a three year old to go potty in while on the freeway.  Way to go, Mom!
We stopped at the 1880's Town on the way back and had a fun visit.  They are dog friendly, and Kolachi was definitely ready to stretch her legs by this point in the trip.  She had so many new experiences (and so many treats as positive reinforcement)!
 It was pretty warm that afternoon, so we opted out of the costume rental.  Someday, though, it would be fun to go and all dress up in period wear!
 Both Kolachi and Alex enjoyed the mule ride.  K got to ride in the wagon and Alex got to DRIVE the team!

We stopped for the night in Mitchell, at a budget motel.  It was clean.  The other guests were an interesting mix of very friendly families and a perhaps-unsavory bunch of road crew workers.  Luckily, walking a German Shepherd around the grounds was enough to fend off any unwanted comments/conversation.  Let's just say that she 'alerted' a few times.  I don't speak fluent Spanish, but I do know what "diablo" and "perro" mean.  Hee hee...

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