Friday, July 11, 2014

South Dakota- Day 6- Kirkestave, StoryBook Island and Dinosaur Park

We discovered ourselves being drawn back to Rapid City to explore a little more of what it had to offer.  On the way there, inspired by our road construction adventure from the evening before, Justin informed the entire van as to how a road is made.
  Our first stop was the Chapel in the Hills-- Because the children missed out on my Sweden and Norway adventure, we had to pose for a photo by the beautiful Stav church.  We also stopped in the grass-roofed gift shop that reminded us so much of our travels.
 Then it was on to StoryBook Island, a great public park that has all kind of storybook 'sets' and characters to play in, on and around.
 And, yes, they have a train.

 They also had a tire swing.  Which, apparently, I've never let my son ride on.  He kept exclaiming "This is so much FUN!!"

 After lunch, we told the kids were were going to take a back road to look for the highway.  Which was HALF true....we surprised them by pulling up at the Rapid City Dinosaur Park.

For a bunch of cement dinosaurs, they sure were popular with our 6 and under contingent!

 The view of the city was pretty cool, too!

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