Thursday, July 10, 2014

South Dakota- Day 5- Birch wreaths and Custer State Park

Daddy flew out from Rapid City for the East Coast today, so we spent a quiet morning at the ranch while we waited for GranPapa to return from dropping Daddy at the airport.  GranMama decided that we needed to make some birch leaf and wildflower wreaths (ever since Midsommer in Sweden, she'd been itching to create some!)  The kids were so excited to wander the acreage and collect wildflowers to weave.

 Leftover blossoms were made into a lovely arrangement on the kitchen table.
 When GranPapa arrived home, the rest of us loaded up in the minivan and headed out to Custer State Park to find some buffalo.  We didn't end up actually seeing any :-( , but we did made some new friends, all the same.
 Why, hello you have any carrots for me?
 We drove the Wildlife Loop road and saw antelope, burros, deer and prairie dogs.  But, alas, no buffalo.  The kids were too tired to try and follow the 'buffalo safari' jeeps that I saw turning off onto smaller roads, so we kept our adventuring to a minimum....
we thought....turns out that I was not paying close enough attention to the roads, and I ended up taking the WRONG Highway 16 (I swear, there are like 5 of them out there), which put us on a 2 hour DETOUR through some very heavy construction traffic.  Let's just say that I was not the happiest Mama on the block when I had to wait 45 minutes for a pilot car.....both ways.  On the plus side, we ended up at Jewel Cave National Monument, so we ducked in to check out the Visitor's Center and bathrooms before turning the car around to attempt a return home.  Sigh.  Adventure!

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