Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lemonade Stands and Bike Parades

The theme of today was "bikes".  In the morning, Alex, Justin and I took our bikes (and a neighborhood friend) to the swimming pool for a little morning splash session.  After lunch and a nap, the kids were all back out again.   The girls developed a business plan and set up a lemonade stand. 
They employed Justin as their 'advertising', and taped a sign to his bike.
Speaking of his biking prowess, he surprised us all by suddenly getting REALLY good on his skuut bike!  Up until two weeks ago he would hop on and walk around for a short while before abandoning it in favor of his old trike.  Today he has been riding it like a pro! (apologies for the sideways video)
Kolachi practiced being a calm and relaxed dog in the front yard while the kids sold lemonade.  Ever since she's hit 12 months, she is having a hard time determining appropriate greetings for passing by dogs.  We're working on it by hanging out in the front with lots of treats and praise whenever she ignores (by that I mean 'not barks at') dogs trying to take their walks.  Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of traffic in the neighborhood, so it's hard to get in good practice!

 In the evening, we threw caution (and our normal bedtimes) to the wind and biked down to the neighborhood community center, where they were hosting an Independence Day celebration complete with music, food, bike decorating, inflatables and face painting!

 Justin was pretty exhausted by this time, so he spent most of the evening on the quilt, or having some happy rough-house playtime with the older neighbor boy.
 Alex took her job of bike decorating seriously.  After the kids were finished, there was a bike parade for them all to show off their hard work!  We didn't get heads on pillows until 8:30pm this evening, which was WAY to late, as we had two overtired children on our hands-- but I think the memory-making was worth it.
 Happy Independence Day!


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