Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Justin in the Kitchen

My pickle-EATER decided he wanted to help be a pickle-MAKER this summer.  After a stop at the Farmer's Market, we were ready to rock and roll!  Since canning requires a lot of sterilizing and boiling and generally hot and dangerous things, Justin had a few specific tasks that he was in charge of.  Task #1: Cutting the dill.
Task #2: Filling the jars with dill and ice-cold cucumbers.
Task 3: Mixing all the brine and pushing the button for the food processor. (Since we avoid corn syrup to help J's tummy issues, we decided to make all our own sweet relish this year.  Seriously- check your relish label.  HFCS is everywhere!)
Task #4: Applying the labels the next morning.  Only a quarter of them are upside down- I'd say that was pretty well done for a three year old!
Task #5: Helping Mama carry and organize them in the pantry.  Here we have 12 quarts of chicken 'noodle-less' soup (we add noodles or rice when we reheat), 10 quarts of dill pickles and 5 pints of sweet relish!  That's all in a good day's work!

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