Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

How's THAT for a Patriotic photo?  Kolachi posed for her calendar shot while the kids made 'firework' pancakes (a drop of natural blue food coloring makes nice fireworks if you draw it out with a chopstick!)
 We had Auntie Rorie (for a little while), Auntie Carrie, Uncle Sam and Brad over for some low-key family celebration time. 

Even Percy got to join in on the outside fun time!

 Kolachi was entertained by a HUGE raw bone....which is why the cat was able to be outside unmolested.

 It was somewhat overcast and cloudy-- which lent itself well to enjoying some sparklers during the day (since we were NOT going to let the kids stay up until firework time this night).
 Lawn games, grilling and family.  What's better?  Oh-- maybe next Fourth of July, when that baby in Auntie Carrie's tummy is crawling around with her cousins!  Her due date is coming up quickly!
 Uncle Sam instructs in the art of lighting fireworks.  Safely.  Right, Sam?
 Brad is always good for a cuddle when the fireworks get too loud.
 Happy Fourth of July!

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