Monday, July 28, 2014

Dropping off our Fair Entries

The opening day of the 2014 Washington County Fair is only two days away!  The kids have worked and worked and worked on their entries.  We have paintings, crafts, needlework and even a collection this year!  Here's Alex's finished Rock Collection- all rocks that she has found herself!
 She even sacrificed a few of her gold flakes from panning in Hill City!
 Waiting in line to pick up our exhibitor tickets--
 Entertaining themselves when we dropped off all of our work.  Poor Justin had a rough time of it.  He didn't quite understand that he would be getting all of his things back in a few days.  He really was AGAINST letting anyone have them (especially the pillowcase he made).  I bribed him with a stop at the gas station for a candy bar.  Parenting win.

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