Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chicago: Day One- construction begins

Would you believe we are once again on the move?  The kids and I scheduled a visit out to Chicago to visit Cathleen in the big city!  The plane was so small that they opted to sit next to each other and left Mama sitting across the aisle (Alex did NOT want to be seated next to a stranger).  I was waiting for a flight attendant to tell me that there needed to be an adult next to the three year old, but it never happened!
 Maybe because they were plugged in and virtually invisible for the entire flight.

Cathleen met us at the airport and we took a minivan cab to visit her work for lunch.  FIZZ Bar & Grill was the perfect place for some post-flight stretching and playing.  We got to chat on the patio while the kids played games, drew with sidewalk chalk and made elaborate train tracks.  What a family friendly spot!
 Doesn't hurt that we know the manager!  (Oh-- AND they have gluten-free pizza that got two thumbs up from Alex)
 Since we brought the double stroller, I opted for walking to Cathleen's apartment to stretch MY legs.  We saw many 'new' city sights (Justin was a wee babe the last time he was here)- including TRAIN TRACKS ABOVE OUR HEADS!!
 We settled in and immediately broke into the huge crate of toys that Cathleen thoughtfully prepared.  Bubbles were an overall sensation.
 As were the markers, scissors, tape and paper.  And the boxes.  Cathleen recently moved in to this new apartment, and had just broken down all the moving boxes.  She was so sweet to let my two creative maniacs use them at will.  By the end of the three days, we had quite the installation finished!

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