Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chicago: Day 3- Sears Tower and a splashpad!

Since poor Alex's little legs walked sooo far yesterday, we made sure she got a seat at the back of the stroller for our adventure today.  We took the train downtown again, but this time our adventure took us to Sears...uh... Willis (but really, it's Sears) Tower.  Cathleen had never been here, and we had an unexpectedly awesome visit!
 The observation deck is on floor 103.  Which makes for some pretty spectacular views.

 ...and then there's the Ledge.... which is, well, a plexiglass ledge that you can pose in.  I was hoping that the kids' self-preservation instincts would kick in a little more than they did.
Justin crawled RIGHT out onto it and wanted to look down the entire time!  Alex was equally absorbed in the experience, but she'd at least look at the camera for some photos!

 After our high-rise morning, we got some lunch and then hit the city splash pad/fountain.  I am so glad there were two of us adults to keep two pairs of eyes on these kids.  They were in some pretty colorful suits, so that's also a plus.

 Alex was our solo fountain-goer for a while. 
 I think it was hotter out today than it was yesterday, and Justin was too hot and tired to even think about getting in the water.
 After he got his toes wet, however, he began to see the appeal of splashing around the fountain.

 Still wet, we headed over to the Bean, took some obligatory Chicago photos, and hailed a cab to get back to the apartment and relax on last night in the big city.

 These kids are PROS at hailing a cab.
 Our last night in the apartment.  Somehow I think this is a bit messier than when we arrived.....sorry Cathleen, but thank you SO MUCH for your hospitality!  It takes a special kind of friend to let two kids under 7 crash at your pad for three days!

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