Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bridal Cave

I was surprised when both children said that they wanted to go see a cave.  Grams and Gramps took us to Bridal Cave- perhaps the most naturally 'ornate' cavern I've visited!  I attached my little pen light and safety whistle to Alex's jacket, and with this 'magic feather' in hand, she was the bravest six year old I've ever seen in a cave!  Justin fell asleep on the way there, and woke up just before our tour began.  I was expecting him to want to stay up top with Grams, but he wanted to go spelunking, too!

The features were gorgeous, and the kids were transfixed by the out-of-the-ordinary sights under the surface of the earth.

After our visit, Alex swears that she caught sight of little green, blue, yellow and red cloaks zipping in and out of the cavern rooms.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Math Gnomes were visiting!  Justin walked for a good deal of the time, at least when I couldn't carry him because the pathways were a bit tight or low.

 After the tour, the kids were treated to a souvenir each.  Alex chose a bag of sand to 'sluice' for precious gems.

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