Thursday, June 26, 2014

Before 9am

Justin and I were up at 4:30 this morning-  he was an early riser, and I'm still trying to adjust my time zones.  We were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise!
 After Alex and the rest of the gang were up and going, we decided to take an early morning boat ride.  She was anxious to try tubing, and I was ready to brush off my water-skiing skills.
 I was a little nervous that she might freak out about falling off the tube and being far away from the boat, so we practiced 'slipping off' and waiting for the boat to bring the tow rope back to us.  Apparently that was the right tactic, because it is now her favorite thing to do....which makes for some pretty boring tube rides.  At least she'll have best practices for water skiing down!
 Justin is beginning to enjoy some speed and wind during a fast ride!
 I skiied a little (after a few failed attempts), we swam and had a blast.  We were completely worn out and back to the house by 9:20am!  After a little rest we hit a local crab shack for lunch.  I think Justin was the most excited of any of us to crack some sweet, delicious crab claws!

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