Thursday, June 5, 2014

An Early June Walk

On our first official day of 'summer', we took an early run/walk to "The Woods"- a little stretch of 1/4 mile path that meanders through a gently forested area that has been allowed to remain (somewhat) untouched by the housing development around it.  
 Wild Geranium
 Jack in the Pulpit-- this guy was just steps off the path- I feel very fortunate to have spotted him!  The kids got a kick out of peeking carefully under the flap to see "Jack".
 Justin is really interested in ferns-- probably because his dinosaur books are teeming with them.  He chose a frond to bring home and press.
 The one problem on this gorgeous morning walk:  Mosquitos.  As soon as we stepped into "The Woods", they greeted us with a million tiny mosquito voices. We had to keep moving to keep them away-- even so, I think I have about twenty new bites!
 Some treasures-- Alex and I hastily collected a handful of acorn caps to use as manipulatives in math class.  We'll have to go back with bug spray on and take our time to collect some more.
 We did stumble upon some tiny little mushrooms whilst looking for caps.  They were pretty cute...

Later on, we attended Alex's Kindergarten Picnic-- our annual viewing of a puppet play followed by a potluck feast.  It was so fun to visit with all of our friends.  After lunch, we poked our heads behind the kindergarten cottage to check on Alex's iris.  It is ALMOST blooming!  We donated a few bulbs from our garden two years ago, and it finally felt strong enough to produce some blooms this year.

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