Sunday, May 18, 2014


Alex has been yearning for rollerblades for months now.  In fact, we've had to say "no" to several generous offers from well-meaning relatives and friends.  These rollerblades were Alex's first real lesson in earning and saving her own money.
Dave and I decided to help her split the cost of the rollerblades ($40).  In order to earn the money, she had to complete chores (and as that was sort of a hit or miss thing, it took a few months), sell some of her extra things (we had a garage sale a few weeks ago, and it helped to whittle down the excess 'toyage' as well), and work on saving her money.  She earned most of it in quarters, and it was also her first lesson in money counting.  There were nights she went to bed in tears because no matter HOW she counted, all she had was $6.75.  But I digress....the day came where she had her $20, we matched her $20 and we were able to go to the store and pick out her rollerblades.  
 Getting her footing was a bit tricky, but she soon figured it out.  It helped that Chris was over for dinner (we had a big family get-together tonight) and was able to give her some pointers.

 Practice, Practice, Practice!  That and lots of head-knee-elbow-wrist protection are all you need!

Not pictured:  Justin, Auntie Carrie, Uncle Sam, Uncle Willy and Gramps all hanging out in the backyard having a great barbeque whilst the lessons commenced.

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