Friday, May 16, 2014

Math Gnomes

OK- I'm horrible at delayed anticipation.  I've been researching this first math lesson, and was all set to do it as a big 'unveil' at the beginning of our official school year.  But it was too much fun- so we did it today.
 The Math Gnomes are a tool that we are going to use to teach the four math processes- Plus, Minus, Multiply and Divide are all special gnomes that have different personalities.  Plus is a fat, greedy green gnome who can't help himself from putting more and more gems into his pockets.  Minus is a tall, gaunt blue gnome with holes in his raggedy pockets and ripped up sack.  He is always losing the gems he finds!  Multiply is a quick, firey little yellow gnome who works so hard that she gathers two or three times the amount that the other gnomes find.  Divide is a kind, empathetic red gnome who always thinks of others and splits her own gems in half to share with those who need more.  King Equal loves all his gnomes, and understands their differences.  He knows that for whatever Minus loses, Plus and Multiply will help replenish.  And he understands that Divide may not always have as many gems because she is helping others.
 Today was our storytime and introductory drawing.  Alex really enjoyed the lesson, and spent the rest of the afternoon making up little stories about these characters.  Little does she know that all of our story problems from now on will feature these five.
 Justin sat for the story, but after a few quick marks in his lesson book, needed another job to do while Alex was busy with deskwork.  He was chosen to help the gnomes sort their gems, which he took very seriously.
 Alex's Math Lesson book-

(LOL- totally looks like she wrote "Them Math Gnomes".  No worries, it's supposed to be THE M MATH GNOMES.  The first M was too close to the first word, so she neatly crossed it out with one line!"

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