Monday, May 5, 2014

Kolachi- Intro to Tracking

 Kolachi's new adventure- Tracking.  We signed up for an Intro to Tracking course offered by Active Dog Sports this spring.  So far it's been great.  It is a LOT of homework (we have 3-5 one hour homework chunks a week), but she's loving it and I'm slowly getting the handle on, well.... handling.

She looks like such a pro!  Basically the jist of the game is to have the dog follow a pre-laid track that starts at an article (cloth or leather) and ends at another article.  We spent a long time getting the basics down, and now are starting to throw in acute angles and multiple turns on tracks.
Yep.  She has a special tracking vest-- mainly so that the neighbors don't get all nosy and bug us.  They can just read "Tracking" on one side and "Kolachi" on the other.  Because I'm a little bit of a dog nerd, and I love it!

She loves, loves, loves the sport, and gets so excited when she sees me gear up for a session.  She stays nice and tight on top of the track and keeps her nose down deep, so you can 'see' her working.  The best part is that (until they plant the field) we can use the cornfield behind us to practice in, so the kids can play on their playset while we tromp around the backyard.  Although, sometimes, I have 'helpers'

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