Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

As a Mother's Day "surprise" (read: I pretended to sleep in while listening to the kids fight about who got to bring me my tea), the kids prepared a breakfast-in-bed, complete with drawings and a beautiful geranium that Alex picked out and paid for with her own money.  What a sweet girl!
Then, my dreams came true when it was time to paint the classroom.  Wait-- let me back up a moment.  I've announced to friends and family via Facebook, but it's not 'official' until it's on the blog.  I've accepted a new position for the next summer/school year.  The commute isn't too bad, the pay is just right and I won't have to worry about childcare-- I'm becoming a Homeschool Teacher for two youngsters who are ever so excited to be taught by Mama!

So-- some household changes are in order.  We need a dedicated classroom space, and my studio seemed like the perfect fit.  I finally 'let go' of a lot of my old college art supplies that I haven't used in years (goodbye easel and drafting table), reorganized the current library into a makeshift studio and installed a NEW library in the basement.  That's a whole lot of upheaval and chaos!  Add a city-wide garage sale into the mix (actually, this was a blessing as it gave me a quick way to unload goods) and a puppy just coming into her first heat (hello doggie diapers) and you have the reason that I've been MIA on the blog for a few weeks now.

Anyway-- back to the main story.  Mother's Day present = cleaning out, painting and reorganizing our Waldorf-inspired classroom space.

I have to say my mini-helpers were very productive....for about fourty minutes.  Then it was up to Rorie and me to finish the job.  I always forget exactly how much work painting is.  But it was definitely worth it!  Photo updates to come (withOUT that annoying time/date stamp!)

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