Thursday, May 29, 2014

First 'Science' Lesson-

Our 'science' lessons are going to be mainly outdoor observation time.  Time for Alex and Justin to sit and listen and soak up this amazing world that God created for us.  Sometimes we'll be venturing to the local nature center or state parks, but, in my mind's eye, most of the time we'll find a quiet spot in the neighborhood to sit and notice.  Today it was just across the street from our house- on the path behind our neighbor's home.  The Flowering Crabapple trees are in full bloom right now, so we sat and photographed (me) and drew (them).  I am so excited about homeschooling my kids-- it feels like JUST the right fit for our family.  I know that in the future, they'll be off and about, doing their own things, but for us to spend this time as a unit, learning and being together, is so special.  Plus, they're pretty awesome kiddos

 J worked industriously on his own drawing.  He decided on doing a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" tree-- it was the last story we read in his ECFE class, and he's been thinking about it a lot lately.

...and a shot of the regal Shepherd... always scanning the horizon for a potential problem.  She's calmed down MUCH more since being done with her first heat cycle.  

We found a cluster of blossoms to snip in order to draw in more detail once we arrived back in the classroom.  I was expecting Alex to use the color and draw one of her "stock" flower images (you know-- the daisy-type puffy thing with a circle for the middle).  Instead, she surprised me by really LOOKING at the petals and drawing what she saw.  I mean- I did tell her that was what art was all about-- looking at what was in front of you, not what you thought a tree looked like-- but I didn't expect the lesson to stick that quickly.

 After sketching the flowers, we put them in our flower press.  In a few days we'll be able to add them directly to the page as well.
 Alex's flowering crabapple tree, bumblebee (we observed two busily collecting nectar from the flowers as we sketched outside), petal and flower.

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