Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Classroom Update

A peek inside the classroom:
 The pale peach walls are very soothing-- not pictured is a trick I remembered from my days teaching at Minneapolis Academy- a scent diffuser plugged into an outlet really does wonders to make this a warm and inviting room to spend time in.
 Our spring nature corner.
I found this hanging file folder at Target and had to have it.  As you can see, each child's folder is marked with their classroom symbol-  Alex is a snowy owl and Justin is a turtle.  The animals really capture personality traits of each child.  Alex is quick, graceful, silent and spends much time observing from afar.  Justin is really a stalwart turtle- he takes his time to assess a situation before heading into it-- sure and steady.  He is a determined worker and always sees a job through.
 Our circle-time candle.  We've borrowed QUITE a few circle time rhythms from Miss Brenda's kindergarten class.
 Dave installed shelving in my former 'extra clothes' closet.  It gives me oodles of storage and I love it!  Grandma Mary's globe watches over the room.
 Alex's old changing table/dresser serves as another place to store paper and larger flat items.  An assortment of Justin-appropriate games and manipulatives are in the low baskets.  Other classroom supplies live in the high baskets.  My favorite "Market Day" print is the only artwork in the classroom.  I did find some coathooks for under the window- sweaters, knitting projects and recorders will live on them.
 The work area.  Each desk also has the childrens' symbols on it.
 Mini slates for deskwork.
Each magazine file holds the children's lesson books.  Their handwork baskets are in the shelves as well.  My mending basket is living below for the time being.
 Alex's desk-  Her own chalk, eraser and beeswax crayons live here.  Justin has a similar setup.
 While I envisioned starting after Alex was done for the year, we've all been bitten by the homeschooling bug.  I've already presented several 'mini lessons' that the kids have eaten up with proverbial spoons-- we are all really excited to spend this time together.

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