Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rain. Rain. Some more Rain.

We've been in a funk lately-- between the upstairs of our house being torn apart (we're working on a remodeling/redecorating project that is never ending-  updates to come soon) and the NONSTOP rain for the past four days, we needed a project to soothe the soul fever that Alex seems to be suffering from.  My facebook friend Laura has been taunting everyone with pictures of delicious gourmet baked donuts for a while now, so I ordered a pan and we got to work today.  Yum!  For our first batch we used a 'normal' donut recipe and just substituted the flour for our Jules Gluten Free flour mix.  It worked, but there is a LOT of sugar in the current creations-- I'm going to mess around and see if we can come up with a healthier version!  

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