Friday, April 11, 2014

No coats!

It was in the 60's-70's today, and we were able to have an outside adventure without dragging COATS along!  We opted for a day at the MN Zoo.
 Alex is actually much happier in real life than she looks in this photo.  She is a quite serious person in general, though-- so this is a glimpse of her true temperament.
 Exploring the Tropics Trail together--
 We made our way to the farm to check out all of the spring babies.  We spent the most time at our favorite spot, though, the goat pen.
 There were lots of new friends to be made.

 And then happened upon a new playspace.  It's called Boulders Park, and is right up our alley-- stumps and boulders and 'fallen' logs to scramble up and around!  I think we've found our new perfect zoo picnic spot! 

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