Sunday, March 30, 2014

Springtime Hike and ICE CREAM!?!

After Church today, we headed out to enjoy the warm weather-- it was in the low 50's!!  A family hike at Afton State Park was the decided outing-- and although the ice hadn't quite melted from the slippery trail, we had a nice time.


When we arrived home, the enterprising young ice cream lady decided to cash in on the warm weather as well.  I think every single kid in the neighborhood was waiting for her as soon as they heard the music coming from blocks away!  My kids waited for 10 minutes in the driveway, just in CASE they missed her drive by!
 Making our selections.  Now that our dietary needs have changed (somewhat), there are new choices to be made.  Justin is now corn-syrup free (but he can have gluten) and Alex is still gluten-free (but she can enjoy the occasional treat with corn-syrup). 

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